Welcome to the 2021-2022 Gift of Hope Catalog


Give a Father's Day Gift

Send a life-changing gift to hard-working dads around the world, and help them rebuild their lives. These dads want to create healthy, happy homes for their families, but a lack of opportunity often gets in the way. You can give hope today!

Give a Rebuilding Kit

When homes are badly damaged, Catholic Relief Services helps survivors make them temporarily livable until more permanent repairs or shelter can be provided. From the immediate aftermath of an emergency, CRS works with communities with the goal of moving from relief to sustainable recovery.

training for a micro-finance group member, charity gifts
Training for a Microfinance Group Member

Catholic Relief Services supports savings-based microfinance groups that provide extremely poor people—mostly women—with a way to save their own money and provide opportunities to invest, borrow and help their neighbors meet emergency needs. Groups are self-sustaining, and each member receives training in financial management.

Provide Family Security

Can’t decide what gift to give? Give a Basket of Hope that provides family security. From a microfinance training, a winterization kit and quality seed to mosquito nets and a flock of chickens, your gift can help a family thrive with a secure and sustainable income.

donate a water well, gift to train a water pump mechanic, tools to dig a well, charity gifts
Water Pump Tools and Training

With tools and training, communities learn to dig wells for accessible, safe water. Training for local mechanics helps them maintain sanitation systems and improve health too.

Support Basic Needs

Can’t decide what gift to give? Give a Basket of Hope that supports basic needs. With fertilizer for farming, prenatal care, a back to school kit and a hand-washing station, your gift will help men, women and children.

Fish for a Pond

A stocked fish pond means that a high-protein dinner is just a catch away. Catholic Relief Services helps families stock ponds that feed their families—even when crops fail. Fish also provide another source of income for farmers and better nutrition for the entire community.

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