Welcome to the 2018–2019 Gift of Hope Catalog


Give a  Thanksgiving Gift

Give a gift of hope to your brothers and sisters around the world in honor of Thanksgiving today.

high school tuition and lunch, charity gifts
High School Tuition & Lunch

Often families can only afford a basic education for their children. With tuition and lunch provided, teenagers who were kept home can now continue to learn.

Provide Family Security

Can’t decide what gift to give? Give a Basket of Hope that provides family security. From a microfinance training, a winterization kit and quality seed to mosquito nets and a flock of chickens, your gift can help a family thrive with a secure and sustainable income.

household garden, charity gifts
Household Garden

A household garden provides important nutritional variety to poor families. Catholic Relief Services teaches families how to build keyhole gardens, raised-bed gardens that are specially designed to maintain nutrient-rich soil and stay productive during winter months. They are also easy to tend, even for people with limited mobility.

2 Pigs

Pigs are perfect for helping farmers earn more. Rather than requiring pasture, pigs can live in small pens and eat a wide variety of foods.

donate chickens, buy a chicken for charity, chickens, charity gifts
Flock of Chickens

Eggs and chickens provide lifesaving protein for families. Chickens are easy to raise in small yards and can generate added income.

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