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Give a Mother's Day Gift

Shop lifechanging Mother's Day gifts and give hope to moms, expecting moms and children around the world.

We cannot ensure that printed card orders placed after April 27 will arrive before the Mother’s Day holiday. Our e-card and print-at-home option is another great way to send a personalized card.

Prevention Kit

Give a bucket of prevention. Health and preparation are especially important during this global health crisis. Includes emergency supply and hygiene kit, handwashing station, and health exams. 

Safe Spaces For Children

After fleeing devastating conflict and losing their homes, children need safety, and an opportunity to learn, heal and resume the normalcy of childhood with play and social interaction. Support education for refugee children, training for teachers and constructing child-friendly spaces. Boys and girls will receive transportation to and from catch-up classes and recreational activities to interact with other friends, school uniforms and supplies, counseling for their emotional healing and referrals for specialized care.

health exams for children, health gifts, charity gifts
Health Exams for 12 Children

Too many children around the world don’t have access to quality health care. Routine health exams for children help monitor growth and development, and provide vaccinations to prevent disease. They also allow health care providers access to necessities, such as medical supplies, to diagnose and treat diseases, so that girls and boys have a better chance to lead healthy, happy lives. 

transitional shelter after a disaster, charity gifts
Transitional Shelter

After immediate needs are met, CRS often builds transitional shelters, semi-permanent housing that gives survivors safety, security and some of the comforts of home while they wait for permanent housing. Transitional shelters often include materials that can be reused in permanent homes.

Modified Bicycle

In many cultures, children with disabilities are ostracized, trapped in their homes. Bikes give children with disabilities greater independence and help them travel to school.

fruit tree, bunch of bananas, charity gifts, plant a tree, giving a tree as a gift
12 Fruit Trees for a Family

When families plant fruit trees, they grow nutrition, income and opportunity. Fruit trees are easy to grow for a family and they create shade, prevent erosion and improve soil health.

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