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give Clean Water

Catholic Relief Services serves the most vulnerable people overseas by helping them improve sources of clean water for drinking, cooking, washing, caring for their livestock and irrigating their fields.

Community Watering Station

Each day, nearly 900 million people live without access to clean water. For far too many women and children, that means hours spent carrying heavy jugs of water that’s not safe to drink. Community watering stations bring fresh water to central locations, improving overall health and freeing up time for women to provide for their families and children to attend school.

Community Latrine

Latrines and proper sanitation are vital to the health of every community. Good systems prevent disease, conserve resources and protect underground water reserves. CRS designs latrines that meet the needs of communities and teaches people how to use and maintain them. We also provide basic hygiene education that emphasizes the importance of hand-washing.

donate a water well, gift to train a water pump mechanic, tools to dig a well, charity gifts
Water Pump Tools and Training

With tools and training, communities learn to dig wells for accessible, safe water. Training for local mechanics helps them maintain sanitation systems and improve health too.

wash kit for a family, charity gifts
Family Wash Kit

Good hygiene can often be the only thing standing between families and deadly but preventable diseases like cholera. Catholic Relief Services provides wash kits and hygiene education as part of our emergency relief efforts for people displaced by natural disaster or conflict.

hand-washing station, charity gifts
Hand-washing Station

Hand-washing stations significantly reduce disease, and increase student attendance and academic achievement. As part of our water and sanitation programming, Catholic Relief Services provides hand-washing stations for families, with latrines, in schools and refugee centers, and in central locations within a community. We also provide basic hygiene education.

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