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With special gifts for less than $100, you can still help change a life—then send a card to a special loved one.

training for a micro-finance group member, charity gifts
Training for a Microfinance Group Member

Catholic Relief Services supports savings-based microfinance groups that provide extremely poor people—mostly women—with a way to save their own money and provide opportunities to invest, borrow and help their neighbors meet emergency needs. Groups are self-sustaining, and each member receives training in financial management.

emergency supply and hygiene kit after a disaster, charity gifts
Emergency Supply and Hygiene Kit

When disaster strikes, CRS rushes in with the necessities people need to take care of their own families. In addition to food, water and medicine, we provide household essentials like cooking pots, containers, blankets, soap and hygiene items. Many items are useful long after the crisis is over.

Modified Bicycle

In many cultures, children with disabilities are ostracized, trapped in their homes. Bikes give children with disabilities greater independence and help them travel to school.

Welcome Kit

After escape or rescue, a Welcome Kit can make trafficking survivors feel safe and at home once again. CRS works to prevent human trafficking worldwide and protect victims. Survivors recieve psychosocial support and job training. Welcome Kits provide survivors with all the necessary items of home as soon as they arrive. Give human trafficking victims a welcome with hygiene items, clothes and bedding. Help a girl feel like herself again.

1 Lamb or Baby Goat

A lamb or baby goat can be a daily source of nutritious milk. They help farm families provide their children with well-rounded diets and increase incomes.

Student Uniform

In the places Catholic Relief Services works, many families have to pay for their children’s education, which often includes tuition, school supplies and uniforms. Providing a school uniform will get a child off to a fresh start and free up family resources for other expenses, like tuition and books.

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