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Give a  Christmas Gift

Give a gift of hope to your brothers and sisters around the world in honor of the Christmas season today.

tricycle ambulance, motorized tricycle, charity gifts
Tricycle Ambulance

Many women in labor, and others in medical emergencies, must rely on stretchers, bikes, motorbikes or even their own feet to get to the closest health facility. In remote areas, transportation is inaccessible and walking is impossible. Ambulances made from motorized tricycles save lives.

winterization kit during an emergency, charity gifts
Winterization Kit

Kits help families in sub-standard housing survive cold winters. They include blankets, heaters, insulation and tarps to reinforce roofs and keep people dry.

1 Lamb or Baby Goat

A lamb or baby goat can be a daily source of nutritious milk. They help farm families provide their children with well-rounded diets and increase incomes.

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