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1 Lamb or Baby Goat

A lamb or baby goat can be a daily source of nutritious milk. They help farm families provide their children with well-rounded diets and increase incomes.

health exams for children, health gifts, charity gifts
Health Exams for 12 Children

Too many children around the world don’t have access to quality health care. Routine health exams for children help monitor growth and development, and provide vaccinations to prevent disease. They also allow health care providers access to necessities, such as medical supplies, to diagnose and treat diseases, so that girls and boys have a better chance to lead healthy, happy lives. 

Flock of Chickens

Eggs and chickens provide lifesaving protein for families. Chickens are easy to raise in small yards and can generate added income.

Classroom Desks for 13 Children

Around the world, children gather to learn in crowded classrooms and under trees. Many never have the luxury of their own desk. Catholic Relief Services equips classrooms for success, starting with desks to give students clean, comfortable places to begin working toward futures of opportunity.

vaccinations for children, charity gifts
10 Vaccinations

Each year, more than 20 million children do not have access to basic vaccines that prevent childhood diseases, and about 1.5 million of them die unnecessarily. CRS works with partners, including local health ministries, to offer vaccines and link remote communities to vital health care.

1 Cow

Livestock is often a family’s most valuable asset, providing added stability should crops fail or disaster strike. Fresh milk means a well-balanced diet, and extra income for household needs and school tuition.

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