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Give a  Valentine's Day Gift

Give a gift of hope to your brothers and sisters around the world in honor of Valentine's Day. And don't forget to send a special card to your loved one!

hearing aid for 1 child, charity gifts
Hearing Aid for 1 Child

Hearing aids make it possible for children with hearing loss to fully participate in school. Children and families also learn how to use and care for their hearing aids.

welcome kit for trafficked girls, charity gifts, human trafficking, resources for victims of human trafficking
Survivors' Kit for Trafficked Girls

Poor women and children are exploited by human traffickers. Kits for trafficking survivors provide a month’s supply of food, medicine, bedding, clothing and hygiene items.

wheelchair, charity gifts

In poor communities, people with disabilities are often invisible and isolated, with limited opportunities to overcome physical challenges or participate in community life. A wheelchair can open doors to education, jobs and socialization that are crucial to well-being.

beehive, charity gifts

Raising bees can be very lucrative and requires little space. With a beehive and a little training, a family can create a successful honey business.

household garden, charity gifts
Household Garden

A household garden provides important nutritional variety to poor families. Catholic Relief Services teaches families how to build keyhole gardens, raised-bed gardens that are specially designed to maintain nutrient-rich soil and stay productive during winter months. They are also easy to tend, even for people with limited mobility.

seed, charity gifts
Quality Seed for a Season

Quality seeds become quality crops that resist drought, pests and disease. Seeds fight hunger through the promise of vital nutrition, good health and lasting food security.

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