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Create Opportunities

Catholic Relief Services helps poor people gain the means, rights and skills to live in dignity, and care for themselves and their families.

Hundreds of CRS projects offer impoverished women, men and children the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty.

Counseling for Former Child Soldiers

Children who have escaped brainwashing, torture and forced combat return home highly traumatized. CRS provides refuge and counseling for former child soldiers, helping them re-enter into their home communities and rebuild their lives.

Survivors' Kit for Trafficked Girls

Poor women and children are exploited by human traffickers. Kits for trafficking survivors provide a month’s supply of food, medicine, bedding, clothing and hygiene items.

Sewing Machine for Entrepreneur

Catholic Relief Services provides adult education, vocational training and literacy programs that open doors for many women and men overseas. These programs provide the knowledge and tools—like sewing machines—to earn a living and build a future.

Training for a Microfinance Group Member

Catholic Relief Services supports savings-based microfinance groups that provide extremely poor people—mostly women—with a way to save their own money and provide opportunities to invest, borrow and help their neighbors meet emergency needs. Groups are self-sustaining, and each member receives training in financial management.

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